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    Synthesis method of hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet
    Hits:   Date:2020-05-13  
    An effective method for synthesizing hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets. The method includes the following steps:
    Mix boron nitride nanospheres and metal chloride and stir for 0.5-3 hours to obtain mixed powder;
    Under a protective atmosphere, heat the mixed powder obtained in step (1) to 600-1400 at a temperature increase rate of 1-30 / minute, then maintain the temperature for 1-6 hours for heat treatment, and then reduce the temperature to room temperature in a protective atmosphere After cleaning, the product is hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets. In this method, by introducing metal chloride as a mineralizing agent, the hexagonal boron nitride nanospheres can be transformed into boron nitride nanosheets at a lower temperature (600-700).
    The preparation temperature adopted by this method is about 1000 lower than the preparation temperature of the existing boron nitride nanosheets, so that the energy consumption in the preparation process is greatly reduced.