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    Nanometer titanium dioxide high weather resistance organic coating plate
    Hits:   Date:2020-06-03  
    The composition design based on fluorocarbon coating and nano coating improves the weather resistance from 10 to 20 years, and doubles the performance. Ultraviolet rays are the most important factor that causes the aging of the coating. If the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight can be shielded, the aging resistance of the paint film can be greatly improved.
    Using nano-material TiO2 to modify the coating can achieve the purpose of blocking ultraviolet rays and improving the aging resistance. The shielding of ultraviolet rays by nano titanium dioxide is mainly based on scattering, and the particle size is one of the important factors that affect the scattering ability.
    In the ultraviolet wavelength range, the optimal particle size of rutile TiO2 is 65~130nm. For ultraviolet shielding, the particle size of nano-material TiO2 has a range. It is not that the smaller the particle size, the better, or even more than what we usually say The size of the nanomaterial: the limit is 10m. Attenuating 300~400nm ultraviolet rays, the optimal particle size of spherical TiO2 is 50~120nm. When nano-TiO2 attenuates long-wave ultraviolet rays, scattering plays a major role, and when attenuating short-wave ultraviolet rays, absorption plays a major role.
    In the 1990s, a large number of research and development of nano-coating materials were carried out at home and abroad, and various nano-coating materials with special properties were successively put on the market. For example, Foster Prodcuts of the United States used nano-scale ZnO with hydroxyethyl cellulose as the increase. The thickener and other additives are fully dispersed with water, and then mixed with the acrylic emulsion wave to make an anti-UV aging water-based paint.
    Some nano-TiO2 coatings have been released in Japan and other countries. Adding nano-TiO2 to the coating in a certain ratio can effectively shield ultraviolet rays. SDcCatings directly uses nano-SiO2 and nano-metal oxide sols for the SILVUE series of wear-resistant transparent coatings. This coating can also protect against ultraviolet light and anti-fogging. Other transparency and: places with high wear resistance and harsh environment.