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    Characteristics and application of nano aluminum powder
    Hits:   Date:2020-08-07  
    Nano-aluminum powder is produced by two kinds of products: electric arc method and electric explosion method.
    1. High-efficiency catalyst: High-efficiency combustion aid, added to the solid fuel of the rocket, greatly increases the fuel combustion speed and improves the combustion stability;
    2. Activated sintering additives: 5-10% nanometer aluminum powder is mixed into AlN powder to reduce the sintering temperature and increase the density and thermal conductivity of the sintered body;
    3. Surface conductive coating treatment of metal and scrap metal: coating of microelectronic devices under oxygen-free conditions and below the melting point of the powder;
    4. Conductive film layer, preparation of polishing paste, etc.
    5. High-grade metal pigments, composite materials, aerospace, chemical industry, metallurgy (aluminothermic metallurgy, steelmaking deoxidizer), shipbuilding (conductive coatings), refractory materials (magnesium carbon bricks for steelmaking furnaces), new building materials, anticorrosive materials, etc.