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    The Properties And Application of Spherical Alumina
    Hits:   Date:2020-10-16  

    What is Spherical Alumina?

    Spherical alumina, as the name implies, is a kind of alumina with a spherical particle morphology. In terms of the type of crystal phase, it is α-alumina.

    Why highlight the "spherical shape"? This is because the application of alumina is too wide, and the application performance of alumina products in many fields is closely related to the morphology and size of the raw powder particles. Among powder particles of different shapes, spherical particles have Regular morphology, smaller specific surface area, larger bulk density and better fluidity can greatly improve the application performance of the product.

    Spherical alumina is a fine chemical product in the family of alumina materials. It has outstanding compression molding and sintering characteristics, which can greatly improve the quality of ceramic products; the regular morphology can avoid scratches, which is good for polishing and grinding materials; in the petrochemical industry, it is used as a catalyst for superfine spherical oxidation Aluminum powder can reduce wear and increase the service life of the catalyst, thereby reducing production costs.

    The application of Spherical Alumina:

    1. Used as a ceramic material

    Spherical alumina has good compression molding and sintering characteristics, which is extremely beneficial for the production of high-quality ceramic products.

    2. Used as a grinding and polishing material

    Using spherical alumina as a polishing abrasive can avoid scratches.

    3. Used in the petrochemical industry

    In the petrochemical industry, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the pore size distribution and pore structure of the alumina carrier. The spherical alumina powder can be changed by adjusting the particle size configuration to control the pore size and distribution of the formed catalyst carrier particles.

    4. For catalyst

    The spherical alumina used directly as a catalyst can reduce abrasion and increase the service life of the catalyst, thereby reducing production costs.

    5. For surface protective coating

    Spherical oxide powder particles are sprayed on metals, plastics, etc., which can greatly improve the surface hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and fire resistance, and are used for surface protection of machinery, tools, and chemical pipelines.

    6. For luminescent materials

    Spherical alumina powder has a high bulk density, which can reduce the scattering of the luminous body, effectively reduce the loss of transmitted light, and thus improve the light transmittance.

    7. Used in the electronics industry

    Due to the excellent characteristics of spherical alumina in electrical, thermal and mechanical properties, it is widely used in the field of semiconductor electronic packaging.

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