Organic Molybdenum Liquid MoDTC CAS 6841
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    Basic Information
  • Model:Tr-MoDTC
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  • Date:2020-05-14
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  • TAG:Mo %: 9.5--10.5 S %: 9-12

    Chemical property of liquid MoDTC Anti-friction and Oxidation resistance additive:

    Product name: Anti-friction and Oxidation resistance additive
    Chemical name: liquid MoDTC
    Color: breen
    Density (g/cm3 15 ℃) : 1.0-1.1
    Viscosity (mm2/S ,40 ℃): >500
    Flash point (open-cup  ℃): >130
    Storage: Stored in a cool and dark place to avoid moisture and sunshine



    Conditions for Safe Storage for liquid MoDTC Anti-friction and Oxidation resistance additive:

    The liquid MoDTC should be stored in cool place. keep the container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. air and moisture sensitive.