Sodium Laurate Cas 629-25-4
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  • Date:2020-05-14
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    Product name: Sodium Laurate

    English name: Sodium Laurate

    Molecular formula: CH3(CH2)10COONa  

    Properties: fine white powder; soluble in hot water and hot ethyl alcohol; lightly soluble in cold ethyl alcohol, ether and other organic solvent

    Main uses

    important material of textile used soap and shampoo; excellent surface active agent, emulsifying agent, lubricating agent of cosmetics.


    Quality standard

    Testing item

    Testing standard


    white fine powder

    ethyl alcohol solubility test

    meet the specification

    loss on drying, %


    ignition residue(sulfate), %


    acid value (H+)/(mmol/100g)


    iodine value


    fineness, %  

    200 mesh passing≥99.0      

    heavy metal(in Pb), % 


    lead, % 


    arsenic, %



    Packaging: The PE film lined the polywoven bag. Net wt: 25kg/bag, or follow customer’s packing instructions.