Nickel Disulfide NiS2 CAS 12035-51-7
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    Basic Information
  • Model:Tr-NiS2
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  • Date:2020-05-14
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  • TAG:Particle size: -100mesh Purity: 99.99%

    Product Name: Nickel (IV) Disulfide
    Lithium Sulfide molecular weight: 122.82
    Lithium Sulfide CAS NO.: 12035-51-7
    Lithium Sulfide density: 5.8 g/cm3
    Lithium Sulfide chemical formula: NiS2
    Lithium Sulfide color: black
    Lithium Sulfide Storage:
    Free from heat and kept in ventilated and dry place.
    Lithium Sulfide Application:
    It can be used as a potential electrolyte material in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.