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Badminton Shuttle, Shuttlecock Launcher (SS-Y1-8)

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  • Product Name:Badminton Shuttle, Shuttlecock Launcher (SS-Y1-8)
  • Model No.:
  • Short Description:
  • Detailed Description:
    1> The world's first innovation, patented product, intelligent remote control.
    2> There are 16 kinds programs in the random mode and every program can change automatically.
    3> Variable speed, spin, horizontal and vertical swing ball serving.
    4> Remote control or panel control serving mode: Fixed, horizontal serving, vertical serving, punching shot, parallel drive, smash, front netting, base lobing, full base lifting, any designated drooping point.
    5> Panel and remote control, double operation; AC and DC double power system.
    6> Ball speed and frequency can be adjusted by remote control.
    7> Remote automatic lifting system, utmost height: 2.35 meters.
    8> Ball capacity: 100.

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