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Low Loss Flexible Communications Cable (LMR-240/WBC-240)

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  • Product Name:Low Loss Flexible Communications Cable (LMR-240/WBC-240)
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    LMR-240 Flexible Communications Cable & WBC-240 Flexible Communications Cable

    LMR-240 coaxial cable provides excellent performance, but yet is under 0. 25 inch in diameter. It is the same size as RG-8X, but with better specifications. Because of its stranded center conductor, it is very flexible. It is ideal for jumper assemblies in wireless communications systems, short antenna feeder runs and any application requiring an easily routed, low loss RF cable.

    Item Name: Low Loss LMR-240/WBC-240 Flexible Communications Cable
    Inner Conductor: Solid BC 1. 42mm
    Insulation: Foam PE 3. 81mm
    Shielding: Boned AL Foil + 90%Tinned Copper Wires Braiding
    Jacket: Black PE 6. 10mm
    Standard Packge: 100meters/roll

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