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Continuous Plastic Pyrolysis

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Updated on: 2019-02-10 20:59
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Product Description

Brief introduction of the technical process

→ Niutech Pyrolysis Technology Process starts from plastics shredding waste plastics will first be shredded into proper size of chips and then continuously fed into the Niutech pyrolysis reactor for the normal-pressure low-temperature pyrolysis reaction together with the low-temperature sulfur transfer catalyst through the hot sealed device. 

→ The oil gas produced by the pyrolysis process will be converted into fuel oil and little combustible gas (recycling use after scrubbing) after fractionation and cooling through oil separator. 

→ The combustible gas will be used as fuel for the heating system after scrubbing process. The heating system applies residual heat recycling technology, which far saves energy and reduces the running cost. The exhaust gas produced by the production line will be purified to meet the environmental standards and then discharged. 

Main parts of the system and their function

1.       Shredding System (Optional) ------------------------This system shreds waste rubber into small chips

2.       Continuous Pyrolysis System----------------------Tire chips, which are continuously fed into the reactor with low-temperature sulfur transfer catalyst through the feeder, have a complete pyrolysis reaction in the atmospheric condition.

3.       Heat Supply System---------------------------------- Reactor heat supply system consists of heat supply equipment and flue gas heat recovery equipment. The high-temperature flue gas generated from fuel burning is mixed with recycled flue gas to supply heat for pyrolysis so as to reduce energy consumption and exhaust gas emission. The incondensable combustible gas produced from pyrolysis reaction is the main fuel of the heat supply equipment.

4.       Oil and Gas Cooling and Separation System----- After cooling and separation, the oil gas from the continuous reactor is separated into fuel oil and incondensable combustible gas. The fuel oil will be conveyed into oil tank and then transferred to the tank farm by oil pump; the incondensable combustible gas will be taken into combustible gas scrubbing system.

5.       Combustible Gas Scrubbing System--------------- The incondensable combustible gas generated from pyrolysis reaction will be taken into the gas tank by fan. NaOH solution was applied to absorb the harmful content like sulfide in the combustible gas. All the scrubbed incondensable combustible gas will be transferred into heat supply system as fuel.

6.       Discharging System---------------------------------- The solid outputs produced from pyrolysis are cooled through water cooling discharger and water cooling elevator. Steel is separated from carbon black by magnetic separator, entering a receiving hopper, and carbon black is delivered to a buffer silo. The small amount of dust produced in transportation and separation will be collected by dust collector.

7.       Gas Purification System----------------------------- After cooling, the flue gas from the heat recovery device will enter in alkali absorption tower and purification tower for multi-stage purification, through which the SOx, NOx, particles and other harmful contents in flue gas can be eliminated effectively. The activated carbon in the filling material tower i can precisely treat the SOx, NOx, particles and other harmful contents in flue gas.


Main features and advantages:

1. Real-sense industrial continuous pyrolysis equipment with clients operating both in China and abroad.

2. Unique low-temperature catalytic pyrolysis technology, non-coking heat distribution technology,

3. Fully automatic; PLC is applied in the whole system.

4. Low labor demand, only 3~4 workers are required

5. Over 30 years’ experience ensures the stability and safety in operation

6. Extremely environment-friendly


Technical parameters



Technical Parameter



Technical Parameter


Suitable Raw Material

Rubber chips size around 100x100mm


Oil Yield



Operation Mode

Fully continuous operation






Horizontal type


Cooling Method

Cycle water


Loading and Discharging

Fully automatic feeding and discharging


Heating Method

Hot air



>=30Mt/Day (customized)





Work Pressure

Normal pressure(slightly negative)


Main Reactor Weight


Why us

Niutech is leading the world in the industry of pyrolysis, the main drafter of related national standards and was awarded with National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (very big honor).

Our certificates

Niutech obtained CE, TUV and ISO certificates, as well as over 70 national and international patents.


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