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Wind power bearing technology

1. Yaw bearing assembly
The yaw bearing assembly is the guarantee for the wind turbine to track changes in wind direction in time. When the bearing for wind turbine starts to deflect, the yaw acceleration E will produce an impact moment M=IE (I is the cabin inertia). The higher the yaw speed d, the greater the acceleration 6 produced. Since it is very large, it doubles the already large impact. In addition, if the wind turbine deflects during operation, the yaw gear will bear a considerable gyro torque, which is likely to cause fatigue failure of the yaw bearing.
According to the force characteristics of the wind turbine bearing, the yaw bearing adopts a four-point contact ball bearing with a "zero clearance" design. The groove is specially designed and processed to withstand large axial loads and moment loads. The yaw gear should choose the appropriate material, modulus, tooth surface profile and hardness to ensure the life matching with the driving gear. At the same time, targeted heat treatment measures must be taken to improve the strength of the tooth surface, so that the bearing has good wear resistance and impact resistance.
2. Fan blade spindle bearing
The main shaft of the fan blade is supported by two spherical roller bearings. Because the load of the main shaft of the blade is very large, and the shaft is very long and easy to deform, the bearing must have a good alignment performance. Determine the internal structural parameters of the bearing and the structural form of the cage, so that the bearing has good performance and long life.
3. Transmission bearing
There are many types of bearings in the transmission, which are mainly lubricated by gear oil in the transmission. There are more metal particles in the lubricating oil, which greatly shortens the life of the bearing. Therefore, a special heat treatment process is required to make the surface of the raceway have compressive stress, reduce the sensitivity of the raceway to particle impurities, and improve the life of the bearing. At the same time, according to the working conditions of the bearing, the bearing structure is re-optimized and the bearing processing method is improved to further improve the performance index of the bearing.
4. Generator bearings
The generator bearings adopt cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings. Through the structural design of these two bearings, the improvement of processing methods, the cleanliness control of the production process and the optimization of related components, the noise of bearing vibration is reduced, so that the bearing has a good low-noise performance.

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