According to CCTV News on December 21, Toyota Motor Corporation announced on December 20, local time, that approximately 1 million vehicles sold in Canada and the United States must be recalled due to potential quality problems with airbags.

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Toyota Motor Corp. said the recall involves a range of Toyota and Lexus vehicles from 2020 to 2022. The sensors in the front passenger seats of these vehicles may short-circuit due to manufacturing issues, causing the airbag system to be unable to determine the correct weight of the occupant and risk failing to deploy in a collision.

Recently, a large-scale recall has also attracted Honda’s attention.

On December 8, local time, Honda announced a large-scale recall plan on its official website, involving 26 models and approximately 1.138 million vehicles. It is understood that Honda initiated this recall because the parts in the fuel pump of the vehicles within the scope of this recall may be deformed and even cause the engine to stall while driving, suddenly posing a safety hazard. So far, Honda has received 422 fault reports, but fortunately, no accidents have occurred. Honda said it would replace the fuel pumps for vehicles within the scope of the recall.

In June 2023, CCTV News quoted the Japan Broadcasting Association reporting that Honda submitted a recall application to Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, involving more than 300,000 vehicles in 10 models. The recalled vehicles were produced from August 2017 to May 2019. The reason for the recall is that there are defects in the parts in the fuel pump, which may cause the car to stall suddenly while driving, and there have been 237 related claims.

It is worth noting that previously, in the Chinese market, Honda’s two joint ventures, Guangzhou Automobile Honda and Dongfeng Honda, also initiated recalls due to fuel pump problems. For example, in May 2020, Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda announced that starting from June 1, 2020, they would recall domestically produced cars produced between July 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018, covering the domestically produced Odyssey, Guandao, and Binzhi. , Fit, Lingpai, Accord, Civic, Spiral, INSPIRE, CR-V, UR-V, Alison and other models, with approximately 774,800 vehicles.

According to CCTV News, the “Asahi Shimbun” reported on December 20, local time, that Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, had previously been exposed that some models violated the test procedures and methods stipulated in regulations for data falsification during crash tests. According to an investigation by a third-party committee, most of the models currently produced by Daihatsu Motor have the same problem. The company will completely stop shipments of all models.

Picture source: Photo by Hao Shuai, a special correspondent for Mijing (the picture and text are irrelevant)

Since the airbag was invented in 1952, it has gone through more than 60 years of development. In this process, airbags’ reliability, safety and practicality have been greatly improved. When a car collides, airbags can effectively protect the safety of passengers. However, in some special circumstances, such as vehicle burning, the airbag will not work because there is no collision. As the vehicle burns, the temperature of the airbag increases, which may detonate the gas-generating agent in the gas generator, causing a secondary accident. Therefore, only a small amount of automatic ignition agent is usually installed in the gas generator to ignite the gas generating agent at a lower temperature to avoid secondary accidents.

Among them, the automatic ignition powder is the initiator of automobile airbags. The prior art discloses a variety of auto-ignition drug arrangements in gas generators, such as bonding the auto-ignition drug to the housing of the gas generator through the viscosity of the epoxy resin, the reducing agent component of the auto-ignition drug. However, when the bonding method mentioned above is used for fixation, the gas generator encounters shock and vibration during production, transportation, and use. The bonded automatic ignition powder is easy to fall off, causing the automatic ignition powder to be separated from the easy-to-heat-transfer part. The automatic ignition powder is easy. It affects the effectiveness of the gas generator and reduces its reliability.

Therefore, boron powder is widely used on the market as an airbag initiator. Boron has various allotropes. Boron is also called monomeric boron and elemental boron. The proportion of boron powder used in airbags is very small. Airbag ignition is mainly produced with B/KNO3 (50/50) as the main body, plus 2.5% phenolic resin. However, boron powder is added to the airbag formula only a little. In that case, the performance of the automatic ignition powder will be better because boron powder has the characteristics of good flame sensitivity, fast burning speed, high combustion heat, and low toxicity. In addition, it produces almost no gas, so users are not afraid of being suffocated by toxic gases.

Boron powder has other functions besides being a car airbag initiator:

  1. Pyrotechnic additives. In terms of energy, boron needs to be the best non-metallic gas. Moreover, the ignition temperature of boron powder is substantially lowered because of its uneven shape and large specific area;
  2. Boron powder is also an essential raw material for manufacturing high-purity boron halide and preparing other boride raw materials;
  3. Oxygen-free copper smelting deoxidizer. A small amount of boron powder is added during the metal smelting process. On the one hand, it functions as a deoxidizer to prevent the steel from oxidizing at heat;
  4. Made use of as an alloying element in special metal items to form alloys and improve the mechanical homes of metals.
  5. Boron powder can also be used as a welding additive;
  6. Solid rocket propellant;
  7. Magnesia carbon brick additives for high-temperature steelmaking furnaces;


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